A Contract You Shouldn’t Sign

Do you believe that having everything would make you satisfied in this life? Then you may end up chasing everything restlessly while you never find a pool which contain a drop of satisfaction. Since satisfaction is all about the feel of perfection, and in this ever-changing world, there is no such a single form of perfection that would be the utopia in reach.

You may already have everything, but you just can’t see it as a wholeness. A loving family, adorable friends, a good life, et cetera. At least this was shown at the last chapter of Shrek: Forever After. If you already watched this movie, then perhaps you understand what I mean.

Puzz in The Boots

In the previous chapter, we know, Shrek was a wild, a free ogre who has the obligation to none but his own self. Now his freedom being “stolen” by a family and his new life. Feeling depressed over his “far from perfect” new life, Shrek find that he can escaped to his old day just for a day by signing a magical contract, which in return he must give another single day.

In the first time he felt very happy for the contract works as how he really want, but in the end he realize that what not what he really wish for. He lost everything, his family, his friend and many more which he though before as none such important things.

He must dwell with everything he already made them wrong. So everything become in chaos.

Donkey and Dragon

Well, what I want to say is not about how you fight to fix you own mistake. If you made a mistake, that fixing them is a must, no more question. But before you decide to decide something for pleasure, I think it would be a great wise to decide it by weighing all the affected people in the future.

Since your decision is not only about you, like this whole life – is not only about you your own, but about everyone, about every living things on earth.

Sometimes our life is a one way contract, whenever we take a step, then it can not be undone anymore. As you can make a river flows back, your life would be the same. Wisdom is about a great capability of being joyful for the flow of our life, no matter where it takes us – together with everything we know.

I don’t think it would be wise, if our mere self-centred decision would bring about sorrow to others, moreover to they who love us sincerely. Then that decision would definitely be a contract you shouldn’t sign at all.


5 thoughts on “A Contract You Shouldn’t Sign

  1. intinya, kalo m au ttd kontrak atau perjanjian apapun. ya harus baca dg teliti. begitupun kalo ingin berjanji dg seseorang ya.

  2. Self centered? Let me ask you, which one you choose…being happy for yourself or all the people is happy but you crying inside. Mmm….

  3. Ha ha…, being human (a thinking being) means you are gifted with ability to find the third door – the hidden one – the path of righteousness or whatever we call it. If my options are limited and I can not chose for the right one, perhaps, I am not yet a human being :D.

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