Crossroad of Ancient Future

I made some plans for what I will do in the next days after the next year. The thing is that those plans and I now where exist between a huge wall ancient norms and the opposing wishes of many people who I dear most. It is a crossroad between my life philosophy, my ideal, my wish, my logic, my heart, my voices with abundant of nonsense that a lot of people worshiped as a greater good.

I am not weak, I am not being ignorant, I am not illogical, I am not careless. Instead, I am being strong, I am being aware, I am using my utmost logic, and I am caring with all my soul and my heart.

I know, everyone will say to me to stay calm, keep my composure, and rethink it over. The more I looked into myself, I can see I am clearly calm, and those who said the opposite perhaps lose their composure. Well, since I shall cross the road, a heavy one they said, I may not find what I should able to find if I don’t stay calm and keep my composure up.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Road of Rome – A Photograph and Copyright by Moyan Brenn.

And I already gave my words, I shall walk the promised path together. It is not breaking any law, it is not leaving any core foundation, but yes, something will be lost – it is inevitable. The ancient past will be lost, since we shall walk into the future, as how we believe it as our soul harmony.

Cahya Legawa

Medical Doctor at Permata Husada Public Hospital
A Balinese writer, who loves a cup of green tea and a line of poetry in the evening.

I am working on a small hospital in a tiny district South East from Yogyakarta City. I share my idea, not a big one, but I wish enough to inspire me on my daily life.

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