Born Homeless

There are those who born nearly without any support to survive this harsh world. No family, no home, no food. But I never saw one born without nothing at all.

Stray Cats

Those baby stray cats just born this week within a small deserted hospital. They born on the place with zero chances of survive, some of them perhaps will die in days or weeks, other maybe survive for real.

How they survive? Because those around them are loving and caring people. Some give a warm sleep, some giving food, some patient especially the kids would love to adopt them and bring them a new warmly home.

Yes, if there is someone who can change the world into a better place, that is us – human who blessed with humanity. People always come homeless to this world, but we can offer them what we call a home.

Cahya Legawa

Medical Doctor at Permata Husada Public Hospital
A Balinese writer, who loves a cup of green tea and a line of poetry in the evening.

I am working on a small hospital in a tiny district South East from Yogyakarta City. I share my idea, not a big one, but I wish enough to inspire me on my daily life.

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