The fading moon

Lately, rain has stop falling down, it has been about three or four days after the last full moon. When I walked around four in the morning, after rain fallen the night before, I can see a beautiful moon on the dark clear sky. Its beauty was like a charm that chanting good luck and fortune.

But this morning so much clouds in the sky, the bright shining moon is fading away. Well, I guess I can’t have fortune last forever. At least, I love this life as how it should be.


Moon under the rose

I was sitting on the second floor’s veranda when a night fallen down. A beautiful white rose was inside ceramic vase with beautiful traditional ornament on it. A dark night that I wished to be ended, just by waiting the moon shows up under the rose.

Moon under the rose, is a beginning of a bright night sky, when people can walk clearly and safely even above the unknown land.